Russia / CIS

Estonia is the most geographically suitable way to Russia, optimal by transit time, custom clearance and costs.

Why Tallinn, not St. Petersburg or other Russian entry port?

When you ship to Tallinn, it is close to Russia, but NOT entry to Russian market yet: C/nee do NOT pay immediately VAT on arrival cargo to Russia.
All value added services are done in the Free zone of the Tallinn Port: consolidation in one truck (86-120m3) cargo from any containers arriving from China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, other continents – and we deliver this unit straight to the retail shop in Russia.

FREE ZONE – the storage area is much cheaper than in Moscow. With very short notice goods can be delivered by the railway or trucks to Moscow, with drop-off empties in Moscow etc.


Many worldwide companies use the mentioned advantages and set up distribution centers and entry hubs to Russia and CIS here – for example: Bridgestone, Dunlop, all electronic brands and many other companies.